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Balades et circuits

- Customs GR34 Trail - Mont Saint Michel - Nodeven - Brest - Lorient.
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- The Pays des Abers - Côtes Legends browsing the circuit Lilia.
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- The Country Landerneau and Daoulas browsing the circuit Cranou forest.
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- The Country of Brest.
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- Discovery and walk Rade de Brest.
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- The Land of Leon careers through the circuit ...
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Que visiter à Guisseny

- The coastal path Guisseny Bay, the beaches of white sand and very fine (starting at 100 m from the residence Nodeven) Beautiful landscapes (the GR34 toured the UK). Landscapes in the Bay of Guisseny play to turn the tides. Guisseny beaches have a very white sand and bright.
See pictures of the sent coast, beaches and Guisseny Bay

- The house guard at the forefront of Nodeven (150 meters from the residence Nodeven) built in the 18th century, it was used to provide coastal defense to protect Abers (considered at the time as possible penetration pathways Leonardo plateau to reach back to the fortified city of Brest). Body Nodeven Guard is part of a whole and divided between Landéda Brignogan. The means of communication between body guard or sentry boxes were varied: bungalows, fire or smoke code.
See pictures of the house guard

- Guisseny's Area Natura 2000 (located 500 meters from the residence Nodeven) spanned over 600ha, the area classified as Natura 2000 can see bogs, wet meadows, dunes, beaches, sea ... Along the trails, it is possible to discover the seasons, Orchids (some very rare), ponds with various species of frogs, dragonflies and rare butterflies, and many birds (see the top the dam).
See pictures of Guisseny's Aera Natura 2000

- The village of Guisseny with its old stone houses, and the churchyard crosses, crucifixes or many chapels Breton culture is deeply rooted and strong in our region. Religion is also a very important place.
See pictures of Guisseny village and all around

- The port Curnic and the very large and beautiful beach Vougot : 1 km from the residence, you will find a nice tip with one hand, a small fishing port unprofessional and across the beautiful Vougot beach. Dike separates and can walk to a small island, beautiful scenery in the summer but also in winter with sea comes crashing down on the seawall and rocks.
See pictures of Curnic : Guisseny's port  and the nice beache call Vougot

Holiday activities

Sur terre, dans les airs ou dans l'eau, à pied, à cheval ou à vélo, tous les moyens sont bons pour découvrir notre région... Sans oublier votre bien-être, avec le nouvel espace aquatique Spa et sauna de la résidence. Au départ de la Résidence de Nodeven, vous pourrez effectuer de nombreuses promenades et profiter des paysages magnifiques qui s’offrent à vous tout au long du sentier côtier.

Les activités dans la Résidence de Nodeven

Piscine couverte et chauffée toute l’année

(dans un bâtiment de 200 m²)

  • Spa et Sauna.
  • Petit bain pour les plus petits.
  • Aire de jeux pour les enfant.
  • NOUVEAU à partir des vacances de TOUSSAINT 2011 : TRAMPOLINE

Les activités à proximité de la Résidence de Nodeven

Loisirs en famille   

  • Sentier douanier
  • L’étang du Curnic : Site classé Natura 2000
  • Le phare de l’Ile Vierge
  • La pointe Saint Mathieu
  • Parc de loisirs "La Récré des 3 curés"

Activités sportives

Du fait de l’emplacement idéal à proximité de la mer,
de nombreuses activités s’offrent à vous :

  • Optimist,
  • Planche à voile,
  • Catamaran,
  • Kayak de mer,
  • Char à voile,
  • Tir à l’arc,
  • Plongée sous marine,
  • Equitation, .....

Activités culturelles

  • Océanopolis - Brest
  • Site classé de MENEHAM
  • Site classé d'Illiz Koz
  • Ecomusée - Plouguerneau

Que visiter aux alentours de Guisseny

- The Virgin Island lighthouse and its surroundings Ranked highest lighthouse in Europe, as it is apparently the world's tallest stone. Visiting the lighthouse is possible on school holidays (if weather conditions allow access by boat).
See pictures of Virgin Island Lighthouse

-The old fishing village of Meneham : Nestled in the rocks of the coast legends, Meneham expected to resume life. In this hamlet Kerlouan, which was in turn a place of military life, customs and seaweed farmers fishermen, the cottages were abandoned in the 50s. They have been recently renovated to find a second life: both museum and art exhibitions inn and small shops. The beaches and coast are among the most beautiful of Britain.
See pictures of  Méneham

- Landéda  and Aber Wrac'h : Aber is a river valley flooded by the sea (Aber is the Breton name for estuary or estuary).
Departing from Plouguerneau, you can follow the scenic route offers stunning views of the Aber Wrac'h. After this trip, you can take a short break in Marina Aber Wrac'h. The walk can be continued semaphore Landéda (which offers art exhibitions throughout the year). Dunes Sainte Marguerite will propose a second walk: famous spot for sailing and kite surfing, dunes very large and beautiful landscapes ....

See pictures of Landéda and Aber Wrach


Your holidays activities

On land, in the air or in the water, on foot, horseback or bicycle, all means are good to discover our region ... Not to mention your well-being, with the new aquatic center Spa and sauna in the residence. Departing from the residence Nodeven, you can make many walks and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that are available to you throughout the coastal path.


Résidence Nodeven activities

  • Cover swimming pool, warm and open all the year
    (in a building of 200 m²)
  • Jaccuzi and Sauna.
  • Little bath for children.
  • Playground for children.
  • Trampoline.


Activities near Nodeven Résidence

Families Fun
  • Guard coast sent
  • The pond Curnic : classified Natura 2000 site
  • Abers discovery by the sea,
  • Virgin Island Lighthouse
  • Saint Mathieu Point
  • Amusement Park "La Récré des 3 Curés"



Because of the ideal location close to the sea,
many activities available to you

  • Optimist,
  • Windsurfing,
  • Catamaran,
  • Sea kayaking,
  • Yachting,
  • Archery,
  • Diving,
  • Horse riding, .....

Cultural activities

  • Océanopolis - Brest
  • MENEHAM : Classified site
  • Illiz Koz : Classified site
  • Ecomusée - Plouguerneau